Bulgarian Government is Allocating BGN 1 Billion for Social and Economic Measures in the Fight Against COVID-19

The government is allocating 1 billion 163 million for social measures to combat the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Another 731 million will be set aside for new economic measures. All of them were presented by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at a press conference in the Council of Ministers after a meeting of the Coalition Council.

Among the social measures are:

– Increase by 30% of the staff costs of the regional administrations, which are responsible for dealing with the consequences of the epidemic, as well as increase the rate for night work – MLSP, MH, MIA, NHIF, NSSI, RHI, etc .;

– Increasing the rates for school and children’s health care until reaching the set standards in the CLA, as well as for nursing homes, children’s centers, etc. – a total of BGN 24.6 million;

– One-time supplement to the pensions – BGN 50 for each pensioner for three consecutive months – BGN 318 million have been allocated for this purpose;

– Increasing the subsidy of hospitals by BGN 17.3 million.

– Increasing the value of health insurance payments for medical and dental care;

– Additional funds from the MLSP budget – BGN 122 million for additional funds for personal assistants;

– Increasing the minimum amount of the daily unemployment benefit – from BGN 9 to BGN 12. The measure enters into force on October 1.

– Increasing the term of payment of unemployment benefits by an additional three months;

– Providing a net remuneration in the amount of BGN 1,000 for first-line physicians – BGN 67 million by the end of 2020.

– BGN 1.8 billion available is provided by the Ministry of Economy for business assistance. BGN 9.5 million are provided to the Ministry of Economy to encourage foreign investors in Bulgaria.

– Additional budgets are allocated to the funds of almost every ministry.

Source: novinite.com