Deaths after heavy rainstorms in Italy, France

Several people have died in southern France and northern Italy after high floodwaters swamped cars. The rainstorms sweeping across southern Europe also caused a bridge to collapse near the coastal city of Savona, Italy.

Torrential rains struck northern Italy and southern France over the weekend, killing at least four people and bringing a new wave of flooding to Venice.

A section of collapsed A6 highway between Turin and Savona

A section of highway caved in near the flooded Italian coastal city of Savona

A 30-meter (100-foot) section of highway caved in near a viaduct close to the flooded Italian coastal city of Savona, leaving cars stranded on the precipice of the remaining stretch of road.

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Emergency services and sniffer dogs were deployed to find potential victims but, as yet, none had been found.

In the northern Italian region of Piedmont, a 52-year-old woman who had been missing after her vehicle was swept away after a river’s banks burst, was found dead on Sunday. Italian media stated that two other people in the car had managed to escape in time.

Evacuations in Italy, 2 dead in France

In Alessandria, located between Turin and Milan, 200 citizens were evacuated.

Around 500 citizens were also evacuated in the Aosta Valley, where roads were closed because of a fear of potential avalanches.

Venice once more suffered floods, though the levels were lower than those experienced earlier this month, when the Italian city suffered record-breaking water levels.

In France, two people were killed and one was missing after floodwaters swamped cars and turned roads into rivers.

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