The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India had organized a webinar on Industry 4.0 & Evolution of Cross Industry Collaborations” held On September 01, 2021 

The panelist were Mr. Hariharan Ramakrishnan, Vice President digital and analytics, MothersonSumI InfoTech and Design Ltd (MIND), Mr. Vinayak Vipul, Partner, Performance Improvement- Business consulting, Ernst and Young LLP, Mr. Ranganathan Srinavasan. Fellow Engineer, Honeywell, Adjunct Faculty, IIT Madras, Dr.Natarajan Venkateswaran, Vice President (AI & Planning), Reliance Industries Limited., Mr. Durjoy Patranabish (Moderator), VP and Head of Global business, Tiger analytics India LLP., Member – ICT Committee, EU Chambers, Mr. Ashank Desai, Head Non-Executive Director, Founder & Former Chairman, Mastek Ltd. Chairman, ICT Committee, EU Chambers., Dr. Joseph Shields, Consulting PartnerCUSP Service, Growth StrategistSunDesh Solar. Co-Chairman, ICT Committee, EU Chambers

The content delivered in the webinar is as follows:

The Evolution of Industry 4.0 which encompasses a promise of new industrial revolution was discussed in this webinar. Connecting advanced manufacturing techniques with the Internet of Things to create manufacturing systems that are not only interconnected, but communicate, analyze, and use information to drive further intelligent action back in the physical world.

The session was moderated by Mr. Durjoy patranabish.

Mr. Ashank Desai presented the keynote address on “Industry 4.0 & Evolution of Cross Industry Collaboration”. He threw light on what industry 4.0 is and the changes seen in the industry because of artificial Intelligence, Analytics, automation, with best suitable real industry examples which are essential for understanding the 4.0 Evolution and changes in industry. He also spoke about horizontal and vertical integration. Horizontal integration is from consensus to enterprise level, whereas vertical integration brings transformation from supplier, design developer up to the costumer.

After introduction of all the Panellists by Mr. Durjoy Patranabish, Mr. Vinayak Vipul from EY shared his perspective as a consultant and elaborated on the challenges and learnings while collaborating with different clients and businesses. He spoke about how smart manufacturing is evolving in India, strongly driven by AI and automation. Even SME’s which are traditionally considered to be a sector that is highly dependent on manpower has also started embracing technologies enabling Industry 4.0. Challenges faced in manufacturing, energy cost, shutdowns experienced by some of the companies were also addressed. He then spoke about the opportunity we have got because of Covid in adoption or enabling of smart technology in manufacturing sector leveraging on sensors and the internet.

Further, Mr. Natarajan from Reliance spoke about how AI/ Data science has played a key role in R&D in the process and chemical industry. He elaborated on the 4 Challenges faced by process industries i.e., Data, metrics, models and domain knowledge. He gave examples of how data analytics and AI helps a lot and solves problems in micro seconds and thus evolving Industry 4.0 solutions in the process industry.

Mr. Hariharan from MIND gave a vivid outlook on the journey of Motherson Group one of the specialised manufacturing companies. He highlighted the inspiring journey of Motherson group digital transformation and adoption of Industry 4.0 in their plants and that of their clients. He also outlined the platforms of Motherson which enable different enterprises today for Industry 4.0 starting from Machine-to-Machine collaboration, AI based ledgering, IoT & sensor based controls etc.

Honeywell’s journey to industrial automation and the platforms they have were presented by Mr. Ranganathan. He spoke broadly on how Honeywell adapted these technologies in various industrial and consumer domains without compromising on safety, reliability and efficiency. He further threw light on remote operations, autonomous operations which could be enabled because of adaption of technologies.

The panel discussion was followed by Q&A session

Dr. Joseph Shields, Co-Chairman of the ICT Committee of EU India chambers gave the concluding remarks and proposed a vote of thanks. He emphasised that this event was specially conceptualised for knowledge sharing for companies involved in Indo-EU trade and having manufacturing & process operations. He mentioned that Industry 4.0 will have a very important role in the new-age manufacturing which will come up in India owing to the supply chain disruptions due to COVID and hence companies need to be forward thinking. He also encouraged the participants to join as members of the Chambers and get benefited through the industry interactions and future sessions planned by the ICT Committee on various emerging technologies.