Famous night club in Bucharest makes room for supermarket

The Romanian subsidiary of the Dutch-Belgian retailer Mega Image will open a new concept-supermarket and restaurant on the premises of the former Bellagio glamour night club in Bucharest, according to Ziarul Financiar.

The space, located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard in Bucharest, close to Obor, was sold at an auction, in 2016, by Libra Internet Bank, to recover a loan granted to the club’s owner.

As the property is located at the ground floor of a residential building, the retailer has asked for the other residents’ approval to reshape the space, which has been abandoned over the past several years.

The Dutch-Belgian chain has another supermarket just across the street from this location.

The space previously occupied by the Bellagio club is large enough to host both a supermarket and a concept store that measures 2,000-2,500 sqm and has a number of islands or adjacent restaurants.

For Mega Image it would not be the first such project. Mega Image has about 720 stores in Romania, 50 of which were opened in the first part of 2019. Last year the company reached a turnover of RON 5.7 billion (EUR 1.2 bln), 17% higher than in 2017.

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