Mr. Abhijeet Nair
FEI Cargo Ltd.

FEI Cargo ltd is an Indian logistics company with 25 offices across India taking care of all the facets of Supply Chain.

In the last 30 years, FEI grew into an organisation of repute, thanks to the efforts put in by its team members and customers who trusted them.

Mr Abhijeet Nair , took over as the CEO of this organisation in the year 2019.

After completing his management studies, he joined the organisation as a management trainee, he grew up both practically and theoretically. This helped him to get qualified in various aspects of the industry such as  customs (Rule 9) , IATA( DGR) etc to name a few. He did a training program on Break bulk cargo from the USA. He has prepared and presented various papers on the industry at various forums.

On Challenging assignments, you can see him, personally taking the leadership, like one of the normal team mates and that makes him a favourite of his TEAM.