Mr. Chandramowli Srinivasan
Finance Director
SKF India Ltd.

Mr. Chandramowli Srinivasan was the Finance Director at SKF India Ltd. and he was responsible for the overall finance, accounting and reporting, treasury, taxation, legal and corporate governance functions of the company.

Mr. Chandramowli was associated with the SKF Group since 1991. During this tenure of 23 years he has held various senior management positions at SKF. He began his journey with SKF as a Controller and Manager of Costing and Accounts. In 1997 he was appointed the Internal Auditor and the Manufacturing Controller for the Asia Pacific Division following which he assumed the role of a Business Controller and Director of SKF Indonesia in 1999. Before taking his current office he worked as a Factory Manager at the Bangalore plant for SKF India Ltd. for close to 3 years.