PR: Council of European Union Chamber of Commerce felicitates actor Anil Kapoor at the Europe Day Celebrations

Mumbai, 17 May 2019: The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India (EU Chambers) and The Delegation of the European Union to India felicitated actor and producer Anil Kapoor for his artistic achievements, contributions to EU-India cultural ties as well as his activism for continuous support in promoting the cause of children’s rights. He was recognized during the Europe Day celebration organized in Mumbai.

Europe Day celebrates the strong partnership between India and the European Union. Many dignitaries including H.E. Mr. Tomasz Kozlowski, Ambassador, European Union to India, H.E. Mr. Artis Bertulis, Ambassador of Latvia to India and H.E. Ms. Eleonora Dimitrova, Ambassador of Bulgaria to India and Consul Generals of EU Members States, Non Member States and senior representatives of European and Indian Companies were part of the event.

Tomasz Kozlowski, EU Ambassador to India said, “Council of European Chambers of Commerce in India traditionally organizes EU Day celebrations every year. I am so happy that Anil Kapoor is with us today because he is so famous in promoting cultural ties between India and European countries.” He also said Mr. Kapoor is known as a very devoted promoter of social values, women rights. We spent some time together in October last year, promoting girls’ rights in an event organized by Plan India.

Presenting the Citation to Kapoor, H.E. Mr. Tomasz said Mr. Anil Kapoor is a distinguished exponent in the art of acting and master of his craft.” He has also lent his support to various important social causes, including various programmes promoting women and girl child rights, which are also supported by the European Union.

“He has contributed immensely to the Indian and International film industry and through it connected and inspired many people of the world,” he added.

“As an organization, which has always been a strong advocate for the advancement of women empowerment, girl child rights, and equality, the EU would like to felicitate Mr. Kapoor for his principled stand and relentless efforts in these areas,” said the Ambassador of EU to India.

After receiving the citation, an overwhelmed Anil Kapoor expressed his gratitude and said, “It’s been very educative, very emotional and one of the best evening of my career. I don’t know if I deserve this honour but I want to thank you (Tomasz) for giving me this honour.”

“And give my regards and best wishes to your wife because she loves Slumdog Millionaire,” Kapoor jokingly replied Tomasz who earlier said that her wife really admires Anil’s performance in Slumdog Millionaire.

Emphasizing on the need to strengthen Europe-India ties, Anil added, “Europe and India have a lot of things in common, we should encourage that our ties become better and better.” Kapoor congratulated the performers for their spectacular performances towards the end of his short address.

Mr. Nicolas Simon, the President of EU Chambers welcomed the guests and said EU Chamber is happy to organize Europe Day by felicitating Mr. Anil Kapoor and he presented a memento. Dr. Renu Shome, the Director of EU Chambers formally thanked Mr. Anil Kapoor for being the part of Europe Day and thanked all present.

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