Explore Business Opportunities from EU and India

Business Opportunities from EU

An Hungarian owners for the import and wholesale of traveling items is looking for reliable suppliers/factories in India in the field of leather made items such as bags, purses and wallets. The company is the executive distributor of a few well known European brands, like Roncato, Gabol, Benzi and Doppler in Hungary. The company has an exclusive and wide range of products on stock, providing those of by competitive prices.

Embassy of India, Budapest received a trade query from Bosnia and Herzegovina for import of Oncology drugs from India.

A Danish public-private partnership of companies and utilities in Aalborg, which promotes the spread of water technology and urban hydraulics internationally, are very interested in participating in a promotion in India to ensure the development and production and spread of high-tech and sustainable solutions.

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Hungarian company is looking for business opportunities in following areas such as; Export opportunity and potential distributors partners for Hand sanitizers, Surface sanitizers, opportunity to export plant protection materials and also tolling/contract manufacturing pesticides, partners to purchase/import chemicals from India for example: Monoethylen glycol 400 t/year, Acetic Acid 150 t/year

Business Opportunities from India

An Indian Company who is manufacturers of Metal Components would like to get in contact with SME Metal Components Manufacturer as there is good potential to develop specialized Metal Components in India for the European Industries. The Company would also like to establish contact with the SME whose Owner wish to get retire in next 3- 5 years or so… and become a Partner and develop confidence in running the Company to mutual advantage.

An Indian Company who already has a formidable presence in Europe since many years and is gearing up to reinforce its brand by expanding customer outreach and visibility. They would like to get in touch with the companies who is ready to partner with them for further enhancement of their business in such areas: India- EU Intergovernmental Channels, European Counterparts of EU Chamber of commerce in India, Govt. Ministries – Environment Conservation, Climate Change, Sustainability, Commerce & Trade, Govt. Offices / Agencies involved in Policy formulation, approvals, permits, Oil & Gas Companies and EPC Companies, Biofuel Industry associations, Industrial Biotechnology forums, Consultants, Market Research Agencies, Banks, Financial Institutions and Pension funds interested in green investments.