About Chamber

The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce in India (EU Chambers), an International Forum situated in the heart of Mumbai, the commercial capital of India was set up in 1992 under the aegis of European Union Ambassador and represented by Bi-Lateral Chambers and Bi-National Committees of European Countries to foster commercial & economic partnership between India and the European Union.

The Chamber is an important link between European Union – Indian Businesses. The European Union today is India’s largest trading partner; there is a considerable scope for further enhancing trade relations between the two regions. EU Chambers is a platform for EU Indian businesses to explore the possibilities of exports, joint ventures, partnerships, technology exchange, trade dialogue and networking. EU Chambers has Sectoral Committees consisted of European and Indian experts to brainstorm new ideas, discuss and share information of best practices..

The EU Chambers is an independent, impartial body actively promoting two-way flow of trade, investment between India and members of the EU. The Chamber continues to serve with greater zeal the cause of trade, commerce and industry, especially in terms of global trade and investment.

Our Mission

  • Be India’s key business forum for information about the European Union
  • Be India’s key forum for networking between European and Indian business people
  • To act as a facilitator to strengthen India EU economic tie
  • Act as advisor to our members with the help of our expert committees

Our Vision

To provide quality services to our members and society at large enabling them to grow qualitatively & quantitatively to strengthen EU India relations.