Why join?

The Council of EU Chambers of Commerce open to membership from organizations, companies and individuals of any nationality interested in doing business in Europe and India.

Our mission is to foster commercial & economic partnership between India and the European Union.

Explore EU Chambers membership services and benefits that include opportunities to attend events, network, interact with peers and industry leaders and stay updated on economic and policy changes relevant for your business.

Membership Benefits

Business Events

We organize various events throughout the year which provide members a platform for interacting with the international business community, industry associations or Indian and European Authorities. Be the part of knowledge sharing with local and international business leaders.

Europe Day

In May we organize Europe Day that marks the foundation of the European Union and the celebration goes to acclaim EU’s glorious past and re-visit the future of the most promising EU members’ countries. This is the largest event of the Indo-European business community in India as well as in Europe. This is an elite gathering of industrialists, diplomats, VIPs and media, making it an excellent platform for contact building and advertising.

Annual General Meeting

Every year, we invite our Indian, European and other members to the Annual General Meeting in Mumbai. The AGM is always followed by Panel discussion on the current topic. The Panelists who participates are very senior level and high profile and our AGM has always proved to be a good marketing tool for many of our members.


Every year we organize business delegation to different part of Europe for Indian companies. The various meetings and visits are organized with help of local chambers, Indian embassies.
Also we host series of inbound business delegation from different part of Europe to India


Our marketing services will increase your business visibility in our Members Directory on complimentary basis to enjoy wide publicity. Additionally, you can advertise in our Business Pulse, Members Directory and Website on discounted rates. Also you can promote your brand, by hosting multiple business and entertainment events or become Annual Sponsors.


Members get complimentary subscription to all publications This has information about the latest trends and developments in Indo-European cooperation as well as the various activities and initiatives of the Chamber


We offer a number of services from Business Partner Search to Company Formation, and our complete range of services is either free or available at discounted rates for members

Life Member’s Additional Benefits

  • Membership for lifetime & no renewal
  • Registration fee waived for a representative for all the events organized in India
  • Interview/Article of the Chairman/MD/CEO in Business Pulse
  • One complimentary insertion of advertisement in the Business Pulse
  • A Company can participate in the Council’s stand on all essential EU India relations

How to Join

Fill the application online form or for more information contact our membership team at;  to guide you through the application process.

Apply Now

If your EU or Indian company has an office in India, please download this membership application form and please return it to Mr. Sameer S. Itkyal on;

Our membership is as per the financial year and expires on 31st of March. From starting of new financial year i. e from 1st April Chamber will intimate all the companies who are due for renewal.