EU and India join forces on research and innovation to combat COVID-19

Call for Expression of Interest on Covid-19 under “Horizon 2020” work programme

Humanity is facing an unpredented challenge posed by the Global Coronavirus pandemic. This is bringing together different stakeholders like Government, academia, start-ups, entrepreneurs and industry to work relentlessly for finding solutions to combat the pandemic, ensuring socio-economic rejuvenation and resilience.

To support global efforts and facilitate necessary actions for preparedness of the society to address this challenge, European Union and India’s Department of Biotechnology have joined forces. This will allow Indian research, innovation and translation ecosystems to contribute to finding rapid solutions, development of new-age healthcare, medical and manufacturing technologies and contemporary preparedness platforms to mitigate emergencies like COVID-19 in line with India’s objectives. DBT has decided to apply Co-Funding Mechanism in four out of five topics announced by the European Commission in its Expression of Interest  (

Given the urgency, the call procedure is fast track, enabling research work to start as quickly as possible through shorter timelines for the preparation of the EOI under the Horizon 2020.

The modalities of cooperation and co-funding by the DBT are in the below mentioned link: is external)

Closing Deadline: Thursday 11 June at 17.00 hours Brussels time

Source: EU Commission

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